MOVOC 16:3 announces Ransom apparel.MOVOC 16:3 announces Ransom apparel.
For Immediate Release
A limited edition motorcycle graphic tee created by Movoc 16:3 in collaboration with Ransom Motorcycles!

Movoc 16:3, a motorcycle lifestyle casual wear apparel (clothing) brand, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Wayne Ransom, master builder and designer of award winning Ransom Motorcycles, for the design and production of a limited edition Ransom Motorcycles graphic tee shirt.

"I'm excited and humbled to forge this relationship with Wayne Ransom", says Chris Pease, founder of Movoc 16:3. "I've admired Wayne's elegance in craftsmanship for his two-wheeled art forms. I thought it would be great to collaborate with him and showcase his masterpieces from a fashion perspective. I look forward to designing something that represents and preserves Ransom Motorcycles’ design style. We also have a common philosophy in guiding our companies with faith based principles, which makes this collaboration more special."

Wayne Ransom stated: "When I look at the Movoc 16:3 brand, I see a company that brings a higher level of sophistication to motorsports apparel. My philosophy on clothing is you always "dress to impress" for every situation and with Movoc 16:3, you can still be casual AND look a cut above the rest. Regardless of what we want to believe, the world judges a man by the way he looks first, and that's why I choose Movoc 16:3. Classy, cool, comfortable, stylish, successful, excellence... These are the words that come to mind when I think of Movoc 16:3."

Movoc 16:3 is currently in the creative process for Ransom Motorcycles’ tee shirt design and plans to debut the finished product within a month. The shirt will have a retail price of $25-$30 (USD) with a limited run of only 100 units. The shirt will be available for purchase online at the official Movoc 16:3 website.
Ransom Motorcycles will also stock the tees at their shop in New Jersey.

About Movoc 16:3
Movoc 16:3, LLC is a motorcycle lifestyle apparel brand that creates graphic tee shirts. The company attaches the importance of quality to motorcycle-centric designs and achieves this through the fusion of premium garments with unconventional styling. The company’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in authentic and meaningful reflections of the motorcycling sport, (culture) AND/OR (lifestyle.)

Movoc 16:3, LLC was founded in 2008 by Chris Pease, CEO/Creative Director. The Queens, New York native had a vision to create fashionable clothing for the image-conscious motorcycle rider, enthusiast and aficionado. Movoc 16:3, a company guided by faith based principles, aims to create a motorcycle lifestyle brand synonymous with quality and distinctive styling (with technical flair). (Chris also wanted emphasis on offering an alternative to racy designs and verbiage (found on some motorcycle related apparel.) Ultimately, the goal is to feel the thrill and excitement of motorcycling through the products and brand Movoc 16:3 as a symbolic association with motorcycles OR (at a minimum-know the existence of this company is a symbolic association with motorcycles.) Movoc 16:3 is based in Arlington, TN just outside of Memphis. For more information about Movoc 16:3, visit: For any inquiries, please email: