only five Ransom Concepts each year
Ransom Motorcycles - Sovereign Form, Inspired Function
Ransom Motorcycles are the sovereign leader in modern motorcycle design. These two-wheeled art forms born of unprecedented style, performance and exclusivity simply shatter accepted limits of innovation and technology.

The visionary and inspired hand behind the curtain is master designer/sole fabricator, Wayne Ransom. His exceptional creations are the manifestation of a divine crusade to create your perfect motorcycle—your masterpiece made to order.

Production is extremely limited. Metered by the finite shackles of time, Wayne’s boundless creative resources and state-of-the-art facilities are restricted to fewer than five builds a year. This guarantees a level of exclusivity unattained by anyone else—at any price.

When nothing short of an all-out assault on convention, status quo and your own sanity is in order, proclaim your two-wheel sovereignty with a Ransom Motorcycle.