"Like Rublev and Bernini, Ransom wields the flaming sword of creation as if it were a scalpel."

—Robb Report magazine's David Morris

"Once on the road, you get the quick sensation that this is a great bike... it rides really well. Flicking the bike in the corners was very precise... the instant connection between the throttle, motor and rear tire was perfect, and it allowed me to get hard on the gas while exiting bends. You can feel the limit and get on it with confidence. It made an impression and only because it is an incredible machine.
After test riding it I actually said out loud, "I want one!"

—2 Wheel Tuner magazine
editor Jamie Robinson

"I'm excited and humbled to forge this relationship with Wayne Ransom", says Chris Pease,
founder of Movoc 16:3. GET A TEE!
your key to exclusive ownership of a ransom concept

Ransom Motorcycles conceives, designs and fabricates your kind of motorcycle: fast, lightweight, nimble— and radically exclusive. Born of sovereign design and inspired function, each Ransom Motorcycle is the singular extension of its owner’s riding personality—impossible to reproduce, copy or imitate.

Your Ransom Motorcycle is a one-off work of highly functional art, standing alone in performance, style and exclusivity. Developed, designed and crafted with an unyielding allegiance to your individual sovereignty, this is your masterpiece—made to order.

Cain is blue, front end detail Concept: Forget everything a motorcycle should be and imagine what a motorcycle can be—and has never been. tech specs > Genesis is red, rear view at twilight Craft: Your machine is handcrafted from the world's finest and most exotic materials in Ransom's state-of-the-art facility. tech specs > Original triple clamps from Ransom Motorcycles Performance: Built for out-of-this-world speed, handling and performance, this is the cutting edge of modern motorcycle capability. more >

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